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For almost two decades, Martin Verdi has been one of the most tenacious, smart, aggressive and versatile respected names among the Real Estate Industry. Started at young ages back in 1984 being involved in his family Real Estate business in Argentina, that was the beginning of a long sales successful career in which he continuously keep working to develop the necessary and most sophisticating skills to be able to help his customers to achieve their Real Estate goals. His expertise, negotiating skills, high level of integrity and his passion for listening his clients needs makes Martin one of the best agents to list, sell or buy your next home. 


"People often ask me: what makes you different?... I believe that there is only a number of things any agent can do to get a home sold and I think the final decision is not based on what I can do differently... I think the real issue is how people feels about the agent representing them, they're looking for the quality in an agent, and that's exactly the reason why people hire me"


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Specializing in what she does Best, communicating with people, Debora Rey Verdi has established a remarkable long time reputation in the Real Estate industry. Coming from a family of long time Real Estate developers and investors Debora is no stranger to the world of Listing and Selling properties, she has a tremendous knowledge in the field, wether in Miami or in Los Angeles she has helped numerous hundreds of sellers and buyers to accomplish their Real Estate dreams and goals, being an very energetic outgoing person Debora masters the skill of communication and her passion of helping people has got her to be not only a great salesperson but a phenomenal fun persona.






Tel: 310.467.4740



Tel: 310.779.2877

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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